Friday, October 18, 2013

Easy Dinner for Beginners

     There are night even I (Enjoy Cooking) do not want to cook.  That's when it's time to get Inventive.  Everybody has a lazy night, mine is usually on a Thursday; I consider that "SCANDAL NIGHT".  Well, I have to admit; I was lazy last night too.  I ate Jimmy Johns.  It was good too.
     Enough of that, lets get down to business.  To night the menu was simple.  Pasta with Italian sausage and spices. 
               Serving for One (1)
  1 serving of Pasta (of your choice)
  1 Italian sausage link( take out of casing)
        * Olive oil to your taste

   *Chef Paul Prudhomme's herbal Pizza & Pasta Magic  (to taste " it has no salt)
* boil water for pasta ( you can do it )
Remove sausage from casing.
* Sauté in pan with no oil.
*  Add green peppers and onion.  Cook until meat is totally browned no pink should be present. 
* Add pasta in boil water for 7 min. Or until desired tenderness drain off water.
* combine pasta & meat
* top with olive oil & "Pizza & Pasta Magic" mix well

Enjoy ! 🍝🍴

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