Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is the Beginning

One year and four months ago I was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  It's been a hard road to try to read invent myself again.  I'm learning to accept my life for what it is now I've been told that I may not get a chance to go back to work.  I figure it's another feeling sorry for myself so I decided that I wanted to become a blogger, Besides I have to do something I'm here all day and empty nester.  

I've always enjoy cooking and I am a total foodie.  I spend a lot of time on food sites and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  When I became an empty-nesters I decided to take some classes in order to spend some time figuring out what it is that I really wanted to do.  The classes I decided to take were the public chocolate classes in Chicago, I enjoyed the classes and I enjoy working with and eating chocolate! Since food is my passion that's mostly what I'll be talking about I hope you continue to join me.

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