Tuesday, December 31, 2013


After all I have been through this year, I haven't taken care of myself.  Audiocarcinoma stage 4 cancer, didn't teach me a lesson.  I spent most of 2012 and 2013 hooked to machines.  Putting poison in my body, and other machines sucking out poisons.  11months of Chemo Therapy, with no radiation,  Thank God.  I felt as though my life was turning up side down.  TV and the media has a way of making Cancer "Fashionable", Believe me there is nothing nothing fashionable about cancer! There was no cheering section like Robin Roberts pushing and cheering me on,  I was ALONE.  All I had was my faith, and ALL PRAISES TO HIM, I made it through.  Believe me I did nothing to deserve to be here, only though GRACE I AM HERE.  I have no idea way I was spared, but I Thank my Creator everyday.
   After all the Procedures; I still didn't have sense enough to take care of myself.   When a dear friend and fellow JAP member BOBBY, lost his precious wife Alice to cancer, I WOKE UP !  As Cancer recipient there's no guarantee the cancer will stay away.  It's always in the back of you mind that it can reoccur at any time.  WHY SOULD I HELP IT, BY NOT TAKING CARE OF MYSELF !  There are no guarantees but I can try to do my part.  
  What ever your element is, it starts with the things we put in our mouths.  Today is my promise to myself that I need to make changes even if I have to make them slowly.  I'm not one for old cliché but this one rings true in my life.  TODAY, is the first day of the rest of MY LIFE.  It's time to take care of the temple that my soul lives in.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Clean Eating Principles

Good morning everyone. Sometimes we make clean eating difficult when it doesn't have to be. Here's a few pointers and principles for clean eat (CE) if you have any questions let's find out together thanks, and have a Great Day !